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Run/Cycle configuration CHANGE
Jul 23, 11 6:55 PM
Jul 16, 11 12:03 PM
The Guild has a New Address!
Jul 12, 11 5:19 PM
Abyssea Official Start Date 7/15/2011
Jul 8, 11 4:05 PM
EMERGO is an Abyssea Linkshell on the Lakshmi server.  Our primary goal is to provide our members with the [Emp. Weapon upgrades and +2 Gear] they dersire while maintaining a friendly and open communication atmosphere that isn't riddled with the typical endgame drama found in most shells.  If you are in need of an upgrade to your stats and agree to leave the Drama with your Momma, we may have a place for you.  Please submit an application in the general discussion forum and Medhya will contact you in game or respond on this site with details. 

Currently EMERGO operates in US Eastern Standard Time.
Runs are:
Tueseday, Thursday 8:00pm~12:00am Friday 8:00~?:??


Run/Cycle configuration CHANGE

Medhya, Jul 23, 11 6:55 PM.
In realizing that we now have a core 6-8 ppl that show, and what NM's we need for Emp. weapon upgrades, i am changing run types and cycle rules slightly

Run Configuration Change
All nights will be dedicated to Weapon runs now.. tues, thurs, fri.  the Gear+2 can now Be gained mostly from the Weapon NM's.  so that is the Run Configuration change . and yoce you finish your 5 pc. set of +2 wishlist, you can reset your list for the following run. (if its on your wishlist you may lot it)

Cycle Configuration Change
since we have A small reliable Group, and Knowing what NM's we need for weapons now. We will be changing the One Night for any one persons dedicated Night, WILL NOW be 2 RUNS in a Row will be dedicated to the person order, in the cycle.
Point Rules Still Apply  


Medhya, Jul 16, 11 12:03 PM.
Good Job Everyone, for our first run we had a good pace, we started an hour late (but that was expected for a FIRST run) we did 7 Boss pops in 4 hours for our first time, thats pretty good.

I do apolagize, i wasnt expecting None of our WHM's to show up, but Last min, We got a New Member, Nanene (Welcome to the shell^^)

Over all good job:Everyone listened well, and took directions, and requests quite well.

Congrats: Narvar- SAM Feet+2 Complete, Medhya- 10 Briareus Helms 

Things to work on: Leaving On time, and need a little better responses when Questions are asked.

The Guild has a New Address!

System, Jul 12, 11 5:19 PM.
The domain name has been changed to a new one , and the site can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild's home on the web!

Abyssea Official Start Date 7/15/2011

Medhya, Jul 8, 11 4:05 PM.
Welcome to EMERGO

New Members remember to Register to site, i will add all your Jobs you can come as, as well as your +2 Gear and Weapon upgrade Desires.

any Questions, comments Tell me in-game or post on the site

Please Feel free to Add pics, congrats and whatever cool shit you have to say/show


p.s. this is an Old Limbus Site i ran, so it's still under reconstruction, it will get us going for now for Attendance and Items Gained.  It Will soon look and Act as an Abyssea site and have all the Links to Zones, Drop Info,  points/and wishlist's complete/members updated and added... Soon..
Thanks for your patience

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